12 Pro Tips for Saving Money on Halong Bay Trip

It is very interesting to spend a two to three day trip in Ha Long Bay, but the issue of cost and effectiveness of spending always needs careful consideration. In general, prices for cruises in Ha Long Bay vary greatly, from about 65 - 80 USD for a day of excursions at the lowest price, up to 200 - 300 USD for more high-end trips. . If you are on a tight budget, rest assured because Ha Long Bay offers many suitable options. There are many mid-range hotels, affordable restaurants and cheap tours that still ensure comfort, convenience and safety. Below are some suggestions to help you save money on your exciting journey to Ha Long Bay.

Keep track of air ticket deals

To save money when booking air tickets to Vietnam, you should regularly check promotions of major airlines. Airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, VietJet, Jetstar (Pacific Airlines), Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines often organize promotions, such as "Happy Hour" or golden time, to help you receive attractive deals. guide.
12 Pro Tips for Saving Money on Halong Bay Trip

Choose a flight date in the middle of the week

If you have flexibility with your travel dates, consider booking your flight midweek. Usually, airlines change ticket prices according to the day of the week. Fares may be high on Thursday and Friday, spike on Saturday and Sunday, then drop on Tuesday or Wednesday. So, try to arrange your schedule to take advantage of reasonable ticket prices when going to Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay cruise deals: Book early or at the last minute

To enjoy a cruise experience in Ha Long Bay, you should consider booking your cruise about a month before your departure date. This has significant benefits, because booking early helps you save money and also makes it easier to choose your desired departure date and cabin type. Besides, booking in advance also helps you take advantage of last-minute deals, saving money on your Ha Long Bay cruise.
12 Pro Tips for Saving Money on Halong Bay Trip

Package tour incentives in Ha Long Bay

When you book a package tour to Ha Long Bay, you will enjoy preferential prices on airfare, hotels, meals and guided tours. Furthermore, in these service packages, you also have the opportunity to experience many free amenities such as private minibus shuttle service from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay, kayaking, cycling, and even boating. cooking class and many other services on board if you decide to book a cruise in Ha Long Bay. This can actually save you a significant amount of money!

Choose a Ha Long Bay cruise that suits your budget

Ha Long Bay has a variety of cruise ships available designed to meet the needs of all types of travelers. If you're on a budget and looking for a budget-friendly full day or overnight trip, note that you may have to pay extra for optional services like spa treatments, kayaking, and entry fees door. Although it may seem less luxurious than mid-range or luxury cruises, this can be a money-saver. However, if you want to experience personalized service and higher quality amenities, you should consider investing more money in a premium Ha Long Bay cruise. It's important to research thoroughly before booking to choose the option that best suits your travel goals.

Take advantage of seasonal offers

During important holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Easter, many travel companies often launch seasonal promotions and attractive offers for extended vacations. Consider visiting Ha Long Bay at this time for the opportunity to buy tickets at a more favorable price.

Note: Please learn carefully about the Holiday Calendar in Vietnam, including Independence Day (September 2), Hung King's Death Anniversary (around mid-April), National Unification Day (April 30) and National Day Labor Day (May 1). Avoid these days if you don't want to pressure prices or deal with crowds.

Book for groups

Often travelers like to travel with family or friends, which can save you significant costs when booking a group. In particular, you can consider booking a private and luxurious cruise in Ha Long Bay at a reasonable price per person. Most cruise companies in Ha Long Bay will give gifts or have special promotions such as discounts for each member, free tickets for children under 6 years old or incentives for the elderly.
12 Pro Tips for Saving Money on Halong Bay Trip

Trust reputable units

Instead of planning your own trip to Ha Long Bay, it is better to book tickets online through reputable travel consultants. This will help you avoid unclear costs and also have the opportunity to receive the best deals at the most reasonable cost.

Eat lunch out and save on dinner

In the Ha Long Bay area, most restaurants often increase their prices at dinner, making dining out more expensive. An economical way for travelers is to enjoy lunch out and then return to the hotel to enjoy dinner. This will help you reduce food costs during your trip and still have the opportunity to experience the special cuisine of Ha Long Bay. For those staying on cruise ships in Ha Long Bay, note that all meals are usually included in your package, which will save you a significant amount of money.
12 Pro Tips for Saving Money on Halong Bay Trip

Explore Ha Long Bay street food

To save money and explore the unique flavors of Ha Long Bay, try the rich street food here. Not only is it cheaper than restaurants, but it's also enjoyable with fresh flavors. Explore the unique specialties that Ha Long Bay has to offer, and you will enjoy dishes prepared right before your eyes. If you have the opportunity, explore areas away from the center and away from crowded tourist areas, you will not only save more but also have a more authentic culinary experience.

Explore Ha Long Bay like a local

A sustainable way to travel not only benefits the environment but also saves you money. Consider taking public transportation, renting a bike to explore on your own, visiting surrounding villages, or even walking to explore local markets in Ha Long Bay. If you want a more exciting experience, join night squid fishing on a yacht.

Learn from experienced people

There's nothing better than sharing experiences from travel experts, locals or tour guides. Instead of having to figure out everything independently, they will help you easily learn about culinary spots, fun activities, can't-miss attractions, and risks to avoid. These tips will help you spend a more enjoyable vacation in Ha Long Bay, without spending a lot of money on worthless experiences.

Traveling to Ha Long Bay can save money if you know how to manage your finances wisely. Become a savvy traveler by following our expert tips to save money when visiting Ha Long Bay.