Halong Bay cruises Vietnam

If you're looking for a leading entertainment company for your holiday in Halong Bay, Aclass Cruises Group is the perfect choice for you. With over 12 years of experience in the hospitality and entertainment industry, we take pride in providing unforgettable experiences during your cruise in Halong Bay - a UNESCO world heritage site.

Halong bay cruises vietnam

Overview of Halong Cruise

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the vast ocean, explore ancient caves, traditional fishing villages, and participate in exciting entertainment activities on a luxurious cruise ship - it will be an unforgettable experience.
The benefits of Halong Cruise are clear: you will immerse yourself in a peaceful space, beautiful scenery, enjoy delicious meals, and be served with full luxury amenities. What's more special is that you will have the opportunity to bond with family and friends, away from the pressures and bustle of modern life.
In addition, cruise ha long also take you to exciting activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, fishing or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery of sunrise and sunset. You also have the opportunity to visit ancient caves, traditional fishing villages and discover interesting things about the culture and history of this region.
The highlight of Halong cruises is the luxury and amenities they offer. The ships are optimally designed with fully equipped bedrooms, private bathrooms and luxurious entertainment spaces. Diverse services such as spa, gym, bar and entertainment center are available to meet the needs of customers.
With the benefits, special experiences and beautiful dream-like spaces, HaLong Bay Cruise is truly a great vacation experience. Book a tour today to discover the fairy-tale-like beauty of Halong Bay and enjoy the most memorable and relaxing moments of your life.

Most popular Halong cruises in 2023

Stellar Of The Seas cruise

With a new itinerary design that combines Halong - Lan Ha and resort-focused activities, Stellar Of The Seas provides travelers with a memorable and exciting journey.
Stellar Of The Seas cruise has a total of 22 modernly designed rooms, fully equipped with amenities to meet the maximum needs of travelers. In addition, the cruise is also equipped with many modern amenities such as a projector, sound system, flat-screen TV, advanced air conditioning system, creating a lively, comfortable and convenient space.
Not only is one of the few luxury cruises with an outdoor swimming pool and mini-golf entertainment area, Stellar Of The Seas also creates many exciting and unique experiences on the cruise. You can enjoy the dreamlike space, meticulous view from the rooftop, enjoy a day off on the beach or indulge in the spa services, relax at the restaurant, coffee shop on the cruise.
Travelers also participate in various rich activities such as children's play area, BBQ party on the cruise, moon gazing, fishing, breaking the tray, balancing on a SUP board and visiting famous historical sites.

Elite Of The Seas cruise

Elite Of The Seas is one of the first 5-star cruise ships to operate 4-day-3-night and 5-day-4-night itineraries in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Considered an upgraded version of Stellar Of The Seas, Elite Of The Seas features high-end amenities and facilities that create a unique impression on travelers.
With modern and luxurious design, Elite Of The Seas not only provides guests with full amenities, but also ensures a sense of peace and comfort throughout the journey. Each room has its own balcony, allowing guests to enjoy the best views of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay.
Here, guests can enjoy diverse and flavorful 5-star dishes. Moreover, Elite Of The Seas emphasizes the main activities of relaxation and resorts, helping guests to unwind and truly enjoy the premium atmosphere.

Jade Sails Cruise

Jade Sails Cruise is a luxurious and upscale 5-star cruise ship that offers voyages to both Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. With its unique and sophisticated design, Jade Sails Cruise provides customers with unforgettable experiences with premium and attentive services.
The security and safety system is ensured from construction to operation, so customers can confidently join the cruise journey. The itinerary is carefully researched, from authentic decor to delicious food, Jade Sails Cruise brings customers truly unique and exciting experiences.
With its luxurious open space, Jade Sails Cruise offers customers a harmonious feeling between nature and modern architecture. Equipped with convenient and complete facilities such as 02 restaurants, Lounge bar & cafe, Sundeck, Swimming bar, Spa, Gym, customers can comfortably entertain and relax while on board.
Jade Sails Cruise is an excellent choice for customers who want to fully enjoy the sophistication and unforgettable charm of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay.

Experience when booking a Ha Long Bay cruise

When to book a Ha Long cruise

If you want to experience Ha Long Bay by boat, it is essential to book your trip early. During the weekend or peak tourism season, the boats tend to fill up quickly. Therefore, you should contact us as soon as you have a plan to secure the best cruise and cabin for your trip. Booking early will also help you choose the best room and get better prices for your journey.

Which Halong cruise to choose?

When choosing a Halong cruise, travelers should consider the following factors to find the suitable cruise and room category for their needs:
- Tour itinerary: Halong, Lan Ha, Bai Tu Long, or other routes.
- Room type: With private balcony, spacious room, family room, 2-story room,...
- Facilities on board: Pool, restaurant, bar, spa,...
- Group size: Renting a private cruise for a large group or joining a small group.
- Price: Depending on the budget and preference of each traveler to choose the most suitable cruise.
However, the most important thing is to contact a consultant for the most detailed and accurate advice on the Halong cruise options.

How to book the best-priced Halong cruises?

Here are some tips for booking cruises HaLong at the best price:
- Keep an eye on the website and fan page of Aclass Cruises Group to stay updated on their promotions and discounts for special occasions and holidays.
- Look out for Halong Cruises Giờ Trót to snag a high-quality cruise at a discounted price.
- Contact Aclass Cruises Group in advance if you are traveling in a large group or looking to rent out the whole boat to find a suitable Halong cruise at the best group rate.
- Booking Halong cruises during the low season can also help you save money as the prices are typically lower and you can secure a newer and cleaner boat.
- Always compare prices from different HaLong Bay cruise  providers to find the best deal for you.
- Joining regular tour groups is also a way to get the best price without having to search too much.

How to contact to book Halong cruises?

In order to make it easy and convenient for our customers to book cruises in HaLong, our company provides various forms of contact as follows:
- Visit our website to view detailed information and book online: https://aclasscruises.com/. Here, customers can find out about the current organized Halong cruises tours and make online reservations by filling in complete booking information.
- Send a reservation request via email: info@aclasscruises.com. Customers are required to send their reservation requests along with their contact information. We will respond and advise customers as soon as possible.
- Contact directly via hotline: +84 904 466 690. Customers can call directly to the hotline to be professionally advised and book Halong cruises at the best price.

What should you prepare for when going on a Halong Bay cruise?

- Personal belongings: Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, towel, swimsuit, lightweight jacket, indoor shoes.
- Documents: ID card or passport, birth certificate for children.
- Registration information: Pre-send information to register for overnight services on the bay, including name, date of birth, nationality, and ID number.
- Check information: The staff on the boat will check the registration information and personal documents to ensure accuracy and safety when cruising.
- Cash: Bring cash to pay for additional services on the boat.
- Beauty tools: Bring personal beauty tools such as scrubs, shampoo, and shower gel to care for yourself.
- Camera: Bring a camera or smartphone to capture unforgettable moments while on the boat.
- Map: Bring a Halong Bay map to accurately locate and recognize landmarks while on the boat.
The above things will help you better prepare, avoid mistakes when going on a Halong Bay cruise, and enjoy a comfortable and memorable vacation.

What room categories does Stellar of the Seas cruise ship have?

The ship offers 4 room categories for guests to choose from, including Junior Suites with balconies on the first floor, Senior Suites with balconies on the second floor, Executive Suites at the tail of the ship on the second floor, and Presidential Suites at the tail of the ship on the third floor. In addition, the ship also provides other facilities such as a restaurant, bar, gym, and a beautiful rooftop for relaxation and enjoying the surrounding scenery. With Stellar of the Seas, guests will have an exciting and memorable experience on the sea.

Do I have to pay for using the gym and swimming pool on Elite of the Seas?

Guests booking a room on Elite of the Seas will have free access to the gym and outdoor golden swimming pool. Therefore, all guests will not have to pay any fees to use these two amenities during their stay on the ship. This is one of the special amenities of Elite of the Seas that will help everyone have a great experience on the ship.