HaLong Bay kayaking

Kayaking in Ha Long Bay is an experience not to be missed, and until now it is still the best way to discover all the great things the bay has to offer. On a small kayak, you have the opportunity to glide gently on the water, giving you the freedom to explore and reach places that conventional cruise ships cannot reach. Kayaking excursions are usually organized by most tour operators operating in Ha Long Bay. Before embarking on your kayaking journey, consider the following important information.

Some tips when kayaking

HaLong Bay kayaking

Here are some helpful tips to follow as you prepare for your kayaking journey:
  • Before you start kayaking, warm up with some light activity. It is important to avoid muscle cramps in the middle of a cruise.
  • Listen carefully to the instructions from the tour guide and clearly remember the information about the route, time and regulations to follow.
  • Make sure you are wearing a life jacket, this will help you stay safe and afloat.
  • Observe the weather, tides and currents and wind strength before you begin. This will help you better prepare for your journey.
  • Stay away from dangerous cliffs, caves and rock structures in the water. This will reduce the risk of collision and ensure the safety of you and the kayak.
  • Absolutely do not row when you are drunk or in a similar situation. This action can be dangerous and not worth the risk at all.
  • Make sure you hold the paddle with both hands, with the distance between your hands equal to shoulder width. Make sure that the concave side of the paddle is facing behind you for the best rowing performance

Spare items to bring when going kayaking

HaLong Bay kayaking

For a successful kayaking adventure, good preparation is key. Make sure you have the following for a safe and enjoyable ride:
  • Life jacket for each person: This is a mandatory equipment to ensure safety when on water. Make sure everyone has a life jacket that is appropriate for their weight and size.
  • Personal water bottle: Bring enough drinking water to stay healthy and not get dehydrated during the trip.
  • High UV protection sunscreen: Protects the skin from the effects of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.
  • Insect repellent: Make sure you are not harassed by nasty insects while sailing.
  • Waterproof camera or phone: To capture memorable moments and enjoy the beautiful scenery while sailing.
  • Swimsuit (March to August): If you decide to swim or relax on the sand, bring a swimsuit for a more enjoyable experience.
  • Comfortable and non-slip shoes: Choose the right shoes to keep your feet comfortable and safe when you need to get on and off the boat or approach the shore.

Best kayaking spot

Ha Long Bay with its beautiful scenery fascinates people by countless attractive kayaking spots. Here are some highlights that the local government advises visitors to visit:

Luon Cave:

Located near Bo Hon Island to the northeast, Luon Cave is considered the top kayaking spot in Ha Long Bay. The arc-shaped entrance leads you through an interesting path that takes you to a turquoise lake set among soaring limestone mountains. The scenery here is amazing, with the possibility of encountering cute golden monkeys.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village:

In Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng fishing village is a kayaking spot not to be missed. Kayaking here is not only relaxing, but also allows you to learn about the local culture. Exploring the raft houses among the white limestone blocks is an interesting experience.
Cap La Island & Cap La Fishing Village:
Cap La Island with its white sand beach and quiet space is an attractive kayaking spot. In addition to admiring the beautiful scenery, you also have the opportunity to interact with the lives of local people in Cap La fishing village.

Ba Hang Fishing Village:

Ba Hang Fishing Village, adjacent to Thien Cung Cave, attracts visitors by the beautiful picture of fishermen and the village on the background of limestone mountains. Kayaking here allows you to participate in the daily life of the locals.

Tung Sau Area:

Near Cua Van fishing village, Tung Sau area is famous for mussel and pearl farming. Kayaking here helps you discover the unspoiled scenery among the unique rock formations and limestone cliffs.

Cua Van Fishing Village:

Cua Van Fishing Village, one of the 15 most beautiful fishing villages in the world, is an interesting spot for kayaking. You can enjoy the peaceful space between the rocky mountains and the traditional raft houses of the locals.

Virgin Cave:

Trinh Nu Cave with its beautiful system of stalactites and stalagmites is a must-see attraction. Kayaking here allows you to see the charming beauty and cool water.

Cong Do Island:

Cong Do Island is impressive with majestic landscapes, diverse rocky beaches and rich ecosystems. Kayaking here offers an exciting experience and the opportunity to discover rare animals.

Hon Co Island:

Hon Co Island, also known as Co Island, is a popular kayaking spot in Bai Tu Long Bay. Enjoying the fresh air and sandy beach here is a memorable experience

Best time to explore

Ha Long Bay often follows the weather changes of Northern Vietnam with four distinct seasons and some periods of storms. So, if you want to participate in the kayaking experience in Ha Long Bay, you need to pay attention to the current weather situation. There are two periods when you can comfortably dock: from March to June and from October to December.
During these months, the weather in Ha Long Bay is quite warm and dry, with no risk of sudden storms or sudden showers. This creates good conditions for you to freely explore the beauty of the bay and participate in other exciting outdoor activities.

The yacht offers a kayaking experience

Kayaking is a special and important activity in Ha Long Bay. Most cruises include this activity for free, because it's an integral part of the itinerary. Here are some good yachts that you can join for a free kayaking experience:

  • Stellar Of The Seas
  • Elite Of The Seas
  • Jade Sails

Each of these cruises offers you an exciting opportunity to explore the beauty of Ha Long Bay through kayaking.