Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The perfect choice for a high-end vacation on the sea

Have you ever imagined a luxurious and high-end vacation on a cruise in Halong Bay? With the most modern services and amenities, luxury Halong Bay cruises are the number one choice for those who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and explore the magnificent Halong Bay. And to help customers have a completely new experience on their tour, we have compiled and suggested the top 3 most luxurious 5-star cruises for you to consider.

Halong bay Luxury cruises

Services and amenities of HaLong luxury cruise

On the luxurious HaLong cruise, customers will experience the most amazing services and amenities to ensure a full and perfect vacation on the sea.

- Entertainment program

HaLong luxury cruise provides a variety of entertainment programs such as music performances, events at the bar, library and game room to keep customers engaged and never bored.

- Professional tour guide

To ensure a perfect vacation, HaLong Bay luxury cruise provides professional and dedicated tour guide services to assist customers in their best experiences throughout the journey on the sea.

- Restaurants and cuisine

Restaurants on the cruise ship are always ready to serve local and quality food to satisfy customers. Customers can also enjoy European, Asian and traditional Vietnamese cuisines.

- Luxury amenities

HaLong Bay luxury cruise provides luxury amenities such as spa, gym and children's playground to help customers enjoy their vacation in their own way.

- Customer service

The dedicated and enthusiastic staff team is always ready to assist customers anytime, anywhere to ensure a free and comfortable vacation.

- In-room facilities

Each room on the cruise ship is fully equipped with modern amenities such as cable TV, air conditioning, minibar, work desk and seating area to provide customers with comfort and convenience.

Luxury Halong Bay cruises by Aclass Cruises Group

Stellar of the Seas cruise ship

Launched in 2018
Itinerary: 02 days – 01 night; 03 days – 02 nights; 04 days – 03 nights and 05 days – 04 nights.
Tour price: From $413 - $2587

With 22 modern and luxurious rooms, 5-star standard facilities, a professional staff and attentive service, Stellar of the Seas not only provides the highest safety standards in luxury tourism, but also offers a unique experience for travelers.
Located 2.5 hours driving distance from Hanoi to the cruise ship dock in Tuan Chau, you can enjoy a meaningful and enjoyable holiday. The spacious and elegantly equipped rooms offer panoramic views of beautiful Halong Bay, and all rooms have private balconies for relaxation and full views of the bay.

In addition to entertainment experiences on the cruise ship, visitors can also explore the "off-the-beaten-path" route of Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay with the most pristine natural scenery. The enchanting and picturesque Dark and Light Cave is a popular highlight for tourists.
Furthermore, Stellar of the Seas cruise features one of the largest and most beautiful swimming pools in Halong Bay, which is highly favored by guests for check-in photos. These unique and unforgettable experiences will bring visitors a memorable and meaningful holiday.

Elite of the Seas Cruise

Launched in 2022
Itinerary: 02 days – 01 night; 03 days – 02 nights; 04 days – 03 nights and 05 days – 04 nights.
Tour price: From $413 - $2587

With the aim of providing guests with an exceptional experience, Elite of the Seas is designed with the latest twin-hull and double-bottomed technology to guarantee maximum safety. Featuring 35 intelligently arranged bedrooms, all equipped with bathtubs, sunbathing decks and private sun loungers, guests will enjoy both comfort and privacy. The highlight of Elite of the Seas cruise is its infinity pool plated with gold, covering an area of ​​50m2, offering guests a wonderful sense of relaxation and prestige on Halong Bay.
The diversity in facilities and services is also a standout feature of Elite of the Seas. The European-styled restaurant can accommodate up to 100 guests, providing a sophisticated and classy atmosphere. With the goal of creating an exceptional space for relaxation, the private gym is fully equipped with modern tools. To ensure the satisfaction of younger guests, Elite of the Seas also offers exciting playrooms and games for children, creating a fun and convenient space for the whole family.
In addition to these amenities, Elite of the Seas also has a shopping area and a cigar - wine cellar with well-known brands from around the world, providing the perfect choice for guests who love upscale beverages.

Jade Sails Cruise

Itinerary: Day trip (8 hours)
Tour price: $129

Jade Sails Cruise is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a 5-star luxury vacation on Halong Bay. With a modern and unique design combining European style and Vietnamese culture, the cruise creates a luxurious and elegant atmosphere that rivals any other high-end cruise ship.
In addition to its grand design, Jade Sails Cruise is fully equipped with outstanding amenities such as indoor and outdoor restaurants, a bar, a lounge and cafe, a 360-degree view sundeck, and a 5-star gym/spa. These facilities ensure that guests fully enjoy a meaningful and relaxing holiday.


In order to ensure the best experience for our guests, we would like to share the following general regulations for Halong Bay cruises:
1. Check-in time:
Check-in time is from 12:00-12:30 PM. Guests are requested to arrive at the pier no later than 11:45 AM for check-in procedures before boarding the ship.
2. Check-out time:
Check-out time is from 10:00-11:00 AM depending on the itinerary. After checking out, guests will be served lunch on board before disembarking.
3. Overnight registration policy:
Please provide a scanned copy of the guests' ID or birth certificate at least 5 days before the tour, and bring these documents when checking in.
4. Weather related cancellations:
Cancellation due to weather conditions will be decided directly by the Halong Bay Management Board. Please refer to the cancellation policy in case of bad weather from the cruise operator.
5. Food and personal drink policy:
Please inform us in advance if you are vegetarian, have dietary restrictions or seafood allergies (specific types of seafood you cannot eat). Alcoholic drinks brought onto the boat will incur a fee, the fee varies depending on the cruise ship. Please inform us when booking the tour.
We wish you a pleasant and memorable journey through Vietnam!