HaLong Bay overnight cruise

HaLong Bay overnight cruise is a wonderful experience that no one can ever forget once they have been here. The mesmerizing moments when sunset falls, witnessing the sunrise amidst the vast sea, all are unforgettable experiences in life. Let's join me to explore and prepare for this exciting adventure!

What activities are there in Halong Bay overnight?

After dinner, there are various exciting activities for each visitor depending on their preferences, such as:
- Enjoying the beautiful night scenery and sipping a glass of wine to relieve stress.
- Joining a party on the boat, night squid fishing, or karaoke with friends, family, or young people.
- Immersing themselves in Vietnam war movies for middle-aged and older guests.
- Participating in night squid fishing activities on the boat in the spring and enjoying delicious dishes made from fresh and tasty squid.

Will I get seasick sleeping on the cruise ship?

Are you considering sleeping on a cruise ship and worried about feeling seasick while the ship is sailing on the bay? Don't worry because when it comes to sleeping time, the ship will be anchored securely with very thick chains and ropes, allowing passengers to have a good night's sleep on the sea. Even when the ship moves on the bay, the speed is very slow, giving passengers enough time to admire and take beautiful photos of the bay without disrupting their sleep.

Halong Bay Overnight has 3 popular anchoring points for guests to spend the night:

- Ti Top Island - Luon Cave area
- Hang Laat area
- Trong Cave - Ho Dong Tien area
Here, tourists can enjoy the peaceful space of the caves, admire the beautiful and pristine scenery, and relax with the sound of flowing water and the lullaby of wild animals.

Is overnight cruising in Halong Bay safe?

The safety of spending a night on a cruise ship is a commonly asked question among tourists who participate in Halong Bay tours. According to the Quang Ninh port authority, whether or not overnight stays are allowed depends largely on the weather. If the weather is bad with heavy rain, strong winds, or storms, the port authority will not allow ships to anchor and tourists to spend a night on board.
However, all cruise ships are equipped with life jackets and safety rafts to ensure the safety of passengers in case of emergencies. Furthermore, ships are anchored in designated areas with other ships nearby, so in case of emergency, passengers can still get assistance from nearby vessels.

What do I need to bring for an overnight cruise tour?

To prepare for the overnight cruise tour, you should bring your own personal items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and other products if you prefer not to use the packaged ones on the boat. However, the rooms on the boat are fully equipped with personal items for each guest such as towels and bath gel, so you can rest assured to use this service.

Some pictures of overnight cruises on Ha Long Bay and the prices for your reference.

Luxury 5-star cruise ships - fully equipped with the most amenities to provide our guests with comfort and relaxation.

Along with admiring the breathtaking beauty of Ha Long Bay, guests can indulge themselves in a luxurious restaurant, professional spa services, and an open-air boat. This will surely be the perfect choice for a memorable vacation.

The bedrooms have windows or balconies with panoramic views of Halong Bay, fully equipped and private.

A floating boat is a perfect space to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Bay with thousands of islands bobbing on the water. It is an ideal place for you and your family and friends to relax and admire the sunset or sunrise, as well as immerse yourself in the sparkling beauty of the night sky and twinkling stars above.

Review of Karen's Overnight Experience and Sunrise on a Cruise in Ha Long Bay (from Singapore)

Karen's Ha Long Bay cruise experience exceeded her expectations and was truly stunning, even better than some prior reviews from other travelers. The scenery was breathtaking, allowing her to truly immerse herself in nature while enjoying luxury services on board the cruise.
  • The kayaking experience allowed her to explore the beautiful islands in the bay.She visited the most beautiful spots in Ha Long Bay, especially Titop Island and Sung Sot Cave.
  • The dinner was elegant with a diverse menu featuring Vietnamese and European cuisine.
Finally, Karen also got to experience night squid fishing and watch the sunrise on the bay the following morning. Overall, this trip left a lasting impression and Karen highly recommends it to others looking to visit Ha Long Bay.
Source: https://dantri.com.vn/du-lich/trai-nghiem-ngu-dem-don-binh-minh-tren-du-thuyen-o-vinh-ha-long-20220930091650846.htm

HaLong Bay cruise overnight cheap

- 2 days 1 night cruise price list: See here
- 3 days 1 night cruise price list: See here


- Luxurious cabin with full facilities and private bathroom.
- All meals on board.
- Transportation by high-speed boat.
- Welcome drink.
- Live music, cooking demonstration and Happy Hour program.
- 24-hour room service and 24-hour food ordering service with no additional fees.
- Bottled water and on-board activities.
- Wifi and advanced technology devices.
- Onshore activities such as kayaking, bamboo boat ride, cave exploration, squid fishing, fishing.
- English-speaking guide, boat insurance, service charge.

Not included:

- Drinks and tips.
- High-end transportation and other personal expenses not mentioned above.