Top 11 beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

If you are looking for a great destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and relax in pristine nature, set foot on 11 beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay. Not only is it a majestic natural wonder, but it is also a place full of diverse services and entertainment activities. Surely you and your teammates will experience memorable memories when starting your relaxation journey here.

Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island, a rapidly developing tourist destination, attracts tourists with many modern amenities and activities, no less convenient than mainland areas. Located about 2km from the city center, with a large area of 220 hectares, the island is connected to the mainland through a 2km long concrete road.
Here, visitors will be fascinated by the majestic beauty of nature, with clear blue sea water and pristine white sand beaches. In addition, beach games such as high-speed water skiing, parasailing canoes, and windsurfing are also unique experiences that visitors should not miss. If you prefer relaxation, sea fishing is an ideal activity to enjoy the sea air.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island, a rare gem, still retains its wild beauty and preserves many precious historical and cultural relics. When visiting this island, you not only have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and peace of nature but also experience wonderful virtual life moments. At the same time, visitors can also enjoy rare, fresh and ripe seafood caught by local people.
Quan Lan Island owns up to 6 beaches, with smooth white sand and gentle waves, creating a comfortable space, ideal for children, women and those new to swimming at sea. Coming here, visitors can freely immerse themselves in the wonderful space of the sea and experience unforgettable moments of relaxation.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

Ngoc Vung Island

When arriving at Ngoc Vung Island, visitors will experience a wonderful "oasis", blending between forests, mountains, sea and sky - an ideal place to relax and enjoy virtual moments of life. Enjoy peaceful time with family. Although the service here is not yet perfectly developed, you will not be disappointed with quality, reasonably priced specialties and a variety of entertainment activities.
If you are someone who likes to watch sunrise and sunset, Ngoc Vung Island is a destination not to be missed when coming to Ha Long Bay. In the evening, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere by the campfire, enjoy grilled seafood at the kitchen and participate in activities such as karaoke and playing board games with friends.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

Ti Top Island

Ti Top Island in the Ha Long Bay area is a wonderful destination, famous for its unique beauty. Resting on Cua Luc Bay, this island has a special terrain with steep and inclined shores, creating a majestic picture with gentle waves, clear blue sea water, and fine white sand.
Although the island's area is not large, it attracts a large number of tourists who want to explore. Therefore, more and more modern and luxurious services are being developed to bring tourists here, including renting ships, yachts, or even helicopters.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

Cong Tay Island

Cong Tay Island is a wonderful natural tourist destination, where you can enjoy a peaceful space with full amenities such as motels, restaurants, and wonderful beaches. The feeling of comfort is created by the straight rows of coconut trees, and under the shade of the trees, visitors can relax, read books, or simply rest under comfortable hammocks.
In addition, Cong Tay Island is also home to important historical and cultural relics. You can explore the ancient port, admire a unique stupa, and visit 5 pagodas built during the Tran dynasty. This is truly a wonderful destination where you can not only enjoy wonderful nature but also experience unique local history and culture.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

Soi Sim Island

Soi Sim Island has a unique structure, with about ⅔ of the area covered by feralite soil and smooth red weathered soil. The rest of the island includes two wonderful beaches along with forests and high mountains, creating a wonderful and romantic natural picture.
With a prime location in the middle of the Ha Long Bay Heritage Area, Soi Sim Island promises to become an outstanding eco-tourism center. Wooden resorts and viewing deck systems are expected to spring up, taking advantage of natural beauty and biosphere diversity.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

Cong Do Island

To get to Cong Do Island, it only takes about an hour by canoe from Bai Chay pier. This island is famous for its unique beauty, with magical natural structures of sea and mountains. On the island, you'll discover wonderful winding roads, chains of sparkling turquoise lakes, and even a mountaintop hanging lake. Cong Do Island has an area of 23,363 square kilometers, with a 172m high mountain peak.
In addition, to the southwest of the island, you will encounter vast coral reefs with countless wonderful colors, accompanied by a diversity of beautiful marine life. This adds to the island's value not only in the economic and tourism fields, but also in the field of scientific research.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

Ba Mun Island

Ba Mun Island belongs to a large and wonderful ecosystem, outstanding with its plant diversity and impressive beauty, making it the perfect destination for those who love traveling to explore nature. With an area of about 1800 hectares, the highest mountain peak is Quit Mountain, reaching an altitude of 397 meters. The natural forest on Ba Mun island is characterized by an abundance of rare plants such as nails, ironwood, sycamore, autumnium, and rhododendron, along with many other types of ancient trees.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

Co to island

Co To Island attracts tourists because of its wild and poetic beauty, which Nguyen Tuan utilized in the famous literary work of the same name. The unique thing about the island is the presence of mysterious, natural rocks under the clear blue water, creating a wonderful natural picture.
With more than 50 small and large islands such as Co To Con, Co To Lon, Thanh Lan, this island displays white sand beaches, contributing to highlighting the natural beauty of this place. Famous for its pearls and unique color-changing water, Co To is a destination that attracts the attention of tourists, where they can explore the mysterious beauty and immerse themselves in the quiet atmosphere of the sea and islands.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

Dragon Eye Island

When arriving at Dragon Eye Island, every visitor cannot help but be impressed by the wonderful picture of a large, sparkling jade-colored lake, romantically located between limestone mountains and primeval forests. The name "Dragon Eye Island" comes from here.
Enjoying the space of golden forest and silver sea, you and your family have the opportunity to enjoy the majestic and quiet atmosphere. The rich plant system creates a lively environment, and this is also an ideal place for camping and organizing interesting teambuilding activities.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay

Pigeon Island

Bo Do Island is a unique spot with pristine mountains and forests of rare trees such as sycamore, cycad, and orchids. This place is also home to thousands of wild animals such as monkeys, deer, and chamois. The special thing is that Hon Bo Gou possesses magical caves, through the mountains, making it one of the unique tourist destinations in Ha Long.
beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay
The caves here not only attract visitors by their majestic and mysterious beauty, but also by ancient stories related to noble human values.
With its fairy-like beauty, Ha Long Bay is a destination not to be missed, a place to enjoy and delight your eyes. Immersing yourself in the peaceful space of the sea, you will have the opportunity to admire wonderful islands, each with its own distinct imprint. Let Ha Long Bay make your vacation the most meaningful and memorable, where you and your loved ones can enjoy immersing yourself in Vietnam's most wonderful natural masterpiece.