Top 5 Things To Buy In Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is not only famous for its breathtaking sea views, but also a source of fresh and diverse seafood, along with rich specialties. This makes it a great choice to find gifts for friends and family. If you are still wondering what to buy when you come to Ha Long Bay, here are Top 5 Things To Buy In Halong Bay.

Things To Buy In Halong Bay - Dried seafood

Top 5 Things To Buy In Halong Bay

With the variety of cuisine in Ha Long, choosing delicious and satisfying dishes can be quite difficult for visitors. Here are three suggestions for famous dried seafood specialties in Ha Long: dried squid, grilled squid and dried Sa Sung.

Dried squid is a particularly famous dish in Ha Long Bay city, which is appreciated for its good quality. Among these, squid cake is a popular choice because it is made from pure fresh squid, marinated in traditional ways and skillfully made. This creates the delicious flavor and characteristic crispiness of Ha Long squid rolls.

Dried Sa Sung is also a sought-after specialty in Ha Long, but requires a rather complicated processing process. Sa Sung is a rare seafood, so the processing must begin by washing fresh Sa Sung by using chopsticks, then continue to wash and dry it on coal or charcoal stove, or roast until it is cooked. they are golden in color.

The price of Ha Long dried squid depends on the type of squid and their size. To get dried squid, one must proceed to remove the organs, separate the cuttlefish, and then sun-dried or dried until they become dry and hard. A specialty from squid in Ha Long can be turned into many delicious dishes such as grilled squid, mixed fried squid, dried squid with chili sauce, fried squid with pineapple and many other dishes.

Thanks to these dried seafood dishes, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the unique flavor of Ha Long and enjoy its signature delicacies.

Things To Buy In Halong Bay - Ha Long Pearl

Top 5 Things To Buy In Halong Bay

In Ha Long Bay, a great gift to buy is pearls. Pearls have become part of the tradition here, with pearl culture being practiced for a long time. During your Halong Bay tour, you can visit Tung Sau pearl farm to learn the process of creating beautiful pearls.

Ha Long pearls are unique because they are saltwater pearls, bringing special advantages compared to freshwater pearls. The lifespan of seawater pearls lasts for hundreds of years, while freshwater pearls only last for about 20 to 30 years. With its natural color and unique structure, each seawater pearl shines with various colors as tacahe light shines through.

At Tung Sau pearl farm, you will experience every step of the production process. In particular, you have the freedom to choose beautiful, high-quality pearls that are exquisitely crafted and splendid. This is an interesting souvenir you can buy to remember Halong Bay.

Things To Buy In Halong Bay -Three Size Wine

Top 5 Things To Buy In Halong Bay

In addition to the famous specialties of Ha Long Bay, there is also a typical drink that visitors can buy, which is Ba Kich wine. This is probably a strange thing for those who have never been to Ha Long or have not learned about this place.

Ba Kich wine is made from Ba Kich tree grown in Quang Ninh. Depending on the type of Ba Kich tree (it can be white or purple), Ba Kich wine will have different colors. Ba kich tubers in Quang Ninh have a wonderful combination of the sweetness of traditional rice and a unique aroma. This is the special feature that creates the unique taste of Ba Kich wine from Quang Ninh.

Often when it comes to alcohol, many people associate it with negative things. However, Ba Kich wine is a healthy wine. Ba Kich is a precious medicinal plant in Vietnam, often growing naturally in the northern low hills, and mostly concentrated in Quang Ninh. Here, Ba Kich tubers after 3 years of planting can be harvested, with quality not inferior to natural Ba Kich bulbs. This is really an herb, but should be used in the right dosage, just like medicine, for healing or health promotion.

To buy Ba Kich wine as a souvenir in Ha Long, visitors can buy it at Ha Long night market or Cai Dam market, where many types of specialty foods of Ha Long are concentrated. If you want to enjoy it locally, you can visit any restaurant in Ha Long.

Things To Buy In Halong Bay - Souvenirs in Ha Long Bay

Top 5 Things To Buy In Halong Bay

In addition to enjoying food and drinks at Ha Long Bay, you also show your love for this place with unique and creative souvenirs, made from precious resources such as marine life and coal. . If you are looking for high-end souvenirs, you can choose beautiful items such as pearl necklaces or flower embroidered handbags with pearls for girls. In addition, there are beautiful and unique gifts made from marine materials such as seashells and snails, such as key chains or necklaces with many diverse and rich designs.

For handicrafts, you can find products from coal, ceramics or embroidery. This is especially suitable for you to buy at the night market, Bai Chay commercial center or some other souvenir shops.
To shop to your heart's content with the best price, you should negotiate when buying in Ha Long. Feel free to explore around the market and take home the best souvenirs from Halong Bay.

Address to buy gifts in Ha Long

You can buy gifts in Ha Long at the following two places:

Ha Long Market

Address: Bach Dang Street, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh.

Opening time: From 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Here you will have a wide selection, from souvenirs to seafood and unique specialties.

Ha Long Night Market

Opening time: From 6pm to midnight.

This is the perfect rendezvous to participate in exciting activities and enjoy seafood and special products of Ha Long.

The night market also has a lot of interesting products for you to choose to buy as gifts, such as necklaces, wind chimes, keychains from shells, clothes, hats and more.

Hope you find the right gifts and have memorable experiences in Ha Long Bay!