how to avoid scams in Ha Long Bay

Vietnam is considered an extremely safe tourist destination and ranks first in the list of countries that ensure peace for tourists. However, in popular tourist destinations, there are some common scams that visitors should be wary of. In this article, we will share with you how to avoid scams in Ha Long Bay.

Common types of scams

There are three common scams that you should be careful of when exploring the beauty of Ha Long Bay:
  • Service lower than expected: When you go on a trip, you may encounter a situation where the amenities and services you pay for do not meet what was advertised. The quality of food, accommodation, service and safety during your trip may be much worse than what you expected.
  • Loss of personal property: During travel, there may be a situation where your personal belongings are stolen from your cabin or accommodation. This is especially common in cruise ship or resort environments.
  • Unreasonable fees: When you visit destinations or restaurants, you may be charged unreasonable fees for admission, seafood dishes may not be worth the price, or souvenirs may be It may be fake or more expensive than its real value.
To avoid falling for these scams, you need to follow some precautions and make sure you stay vigilant.

Research the travel company and schedule carefully

Before you make any online order, whether it is for a cruise, a tour, or another activity, careful research is important. Don't miss out on checking the reliability of the travel organization or agency you're considering. By reading reviews from others who have had experience with them, you can get a better insight into the type of activities they offer and get a heads-up on any potential scam issues. can happen.

However, remember that you usually get what you pay for. This means that cheaper cruises can deliver an unexpected experience. For example, package tours to Ha Long Bay with transfers from Hanoi cost around 100 USD; If you choose a cheaper option, you'll probably be disappointed.
How to Avoid Scams in Halong Bay

Do not leave valuables unattended

Be careful with the valuables you bring with you when traveling. Unfortunately, there are cases of valuables being lost in the cabin on low-cost cruises. If your yacht does not provide a safe or locker, then you should definitely keep your valuables with you at all times.

A useful measure to prevent the risk of loss is to buy yourself a reliable travel insurance package. Before starting your journey, buy travel insurance and make sure you inform your insurance company about any valuables you are bringing with you on your trip.

Don't let misunderstandings arise during your travel itinerary

Don't let misunderstandings arise during your travel itinerary. As you start planning your adventure, make sure you look closely at any "extras" or vague language regarding what is and is not included in the cost. fees paid in advance. Make sure you understand all of this by making it clear to your tour company or cruise operator, and make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Focus on understanding policies regarding round-trip transportation, beverages, tips, and spa services. Especially if you are traveling with children, don't hesitate to ask about the cost per child.
Once all costs associated with your cruise have been agreed and confirmed, ask your travel agent to send you a confirmation email if possible. If they still use traditional paperwork, don't hesitate to ask for a written receipt. This will protect your interests in the event of any future payment disagreements.

When you go to reputable restaurants or attractions, make sure you have clearly agreed on the prices of the dishes before ordering. If possible, document the cost and make sure both you and the owner agree on what the final price will be. This habit should also apply to taxi fares to and from attractions, as well as the "free" drinks that are often provided. If possible, avoid paying for any services or products until you have received them or the service has been provided.

How to Avoid Scams in Halong Bay

Remember to always keep your information and receipts carefully to protect your rights when any payment disputes arise.